Nimbufy 3 for Bricks

Please note: Nimbufy for Bricks is now supported by Nimbufy chrome extension version 3.3.1 and onwards.

Discover the perfect harmony of web design with Nimbufy 3, the Bricks Builder plugin for WordPress. Paired seamlessly with Nimbufy’s Chrome browser extension, it’s your all-in-one solution for web design like never before.

Effortless Layout Import

With Nimbufy 3, effortlessly select any HTML layout from any webpage using our Chrome extension. Whether it’s a captivating design or an inspiring template, the choice is yours with Nimbufy.

Bricks Builder Integration

Unlock the true potential of Nimbufy 3 when you import these layouts into your Bricks Builder workspace. With Nimbufy 3 and Bricks Builder, you have the power to fine-tune and perfect your imported layout, making it uniquely yours.

The Divception Killer

But that’s not all. Nimbufy 3 features the Divception Killer, a groundbreaking tool that eliminates redundant divs from bloated layouts. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to streamlined design.

Why Nimbufy 3 for Bricks Builder?
  • Seamless Integration: Nimbufy 3 for Bricks Builder works hand in hand with the Nimbufy Chrome extension, providing a powerful and flexible web design experience.
  • Efficiency: Skip the coding and technical complexities. Nimbufy 3 automates the process, saving you time and effort.
  • Responsive Design: Your imported layouts are ready for any device, ensuring an exceptional user experience.
  • Streamlined Workflow: Nimbufy 3 is designed to enhance your workflow, making web design faster and more efficient.

Experience the future of web design with Nimbufy 3 for Bricks Builder. This powerful WordPress plugin, in combination with the Nimbufy Chrome extension, empowers you to create websites that stand out. Unleash your creativity and transform your design process today!

Note: The Lifetime Deal is subject to the terms and conditions outlined here. Please read them carefully before making a purchase.